Hello World! and Welcome to My Blog

A world made of computer chips
A world made of computer chips. Source: Internet Archive <3

Hello World! For a developer, this is such a common thing to say when starting a new project.

Not only humans say hello, actually in SMTP protocol, it starts an e-mail exchange by sending HELO1. So you can imagine that millions, if not billions of “Hello’s” are sent everyday by machines.

I’m a developer that writes a lot of stuff in my daily basis, from documentation to random messages. Creating a blog was something I was planning for a long time, but I never started it.

Well, today I started it!

Ok… What is this blog about?

Some of the topics I want to cover:

  • Developing
  • Hacking, not cracking!
  • Technics I use in my daily work
  • Guides
  • Cooking, you know, because I am a human and need to eat sometimes
  • Random curiosities

About the work behind this blog

You probably noticed that the logo is a cat, a weird parallel cat, well, it’s my cat:

A cat with its face mirrored in a TV screen
A cat with its face mirrored in a TV screen

The technology stack

I use Hugo to render the blog and a fork of Bootstrap theme by razonyang .

To edit the project, I use Intellij behind Windows subsystem for Linux .

  1. HELO is sent in the SMTP protocol to start a e-mail exchange Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  ↩︎

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